Paul has transposed groups of photographs, taken as momentary images, into paintings which meditate on and extend the visual experience of movement through city spaces.

The paintings are overlaid with abstract shapes and graphic lines creating densely layered images, evoking both routes taken and the mapping systems that are integral to the fabric of London. Selected works focus on transport, depicting journeys taken on buses, taxis and the underground. Paul’s paintings also explore the experience of the pedestrian, viewing both vehicles and buildings; many of which are covered with advertising imagery. 

By depicting this profusion of images present throughout the city landscape, he creates multilayered works that echo the viewer’s encounter with urban spaces. 

Paul studied Fine Art at Camberwell and Canterbury schools of Art. He lives and works in London.

Previously Paul has exhibited at the Air Gallery with Patrick Davies and Cynthia Corbett Gallery. He has also exhibited in art fairs including the London Art Fair, Islington and the Affordable Art Fair with Patrick Davies C.A. and Cynthia Corbett Gallery. In addition Paul has had several independent solo and group shows and open studios, including The Gas Works, London and The Discerning Eye.

Paul Ettedgui Gas Works London
Paul Ettedgui Gherkin East London
Paul Ettedgui White London
Paul Ettedgui East London Blue Nemo
Paul Ettedgui Blue Taxi London
Paul Ettedgui Gas Works
Paul Ettedgui Fulham Purple
Paul Ettedgui Marilyn Monroe London
Paul Ettedgui Marilyn Monroe London